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Bob Battles Big Bad Business

Robert Santangelo is fighting back against record corporations.  Finally someone who is willing to show how the suing of your average Joe for downloading music is baseless and counter-productive.  I support Robert and his sister whole-heartedly.  Though I don’t think that it’s going to go anywhere.  He has a case when it comes to the fact that it was never really made clear by any companies that the downloading of music was illegal, and that just because the files were on his computer and the P2P software was on his computer, that doesn’t entail that he used the software to download and upload those files.

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A little glowing friend

Birdhouse In Your Soul.  Voted best song on This Might Be A Wiki.  Arguably one of the deepest songs that They Might Be Giants have written.  It’s a song about a nightlight.  A blue canary that keeps the darkness out of your room.  Many people see the song as stopping there, but I’ve always seen more.  Here’s what I wrote on the interpretations page of the song on

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Childhood Dreams

This weekend I watched Superman III for the first time in years.  The movie was completely different.  Firstly from a respect that I have for Richard Pryor that I never had as a child.  Also the understanding that I have for technology now that made the first part of the movie make a lot more sense.  But there was something else about it that made a large part of my childhood suddenly make a whole lot more sense.  I used to have a reccuring dream where my sister and I were cliff diving.  We would jump off an incredibly high cliff into a crystal clear body of water.  Now I’m usually pretty good at interpreting my own dreams and figuring out where the images in them come from, but this image always escaped my grasp.  This weekend I found out that it was because when the image first entered into my mind I was too young to make the connection that the cliff and the water came from Superman III.  The bad guys are ballooning down the grand canyon when it has a nice crane shot which goes down from the top of the cliff and then swings slightly to the side just for a second which gives you the sensation of free-falling.

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BluRay’s goin down

So the format war between HD DVD and Blu Ray might be decided already.  And who decided it you ask?  Why the porn industry of course!  Well Sony is really going to be the manufacturer of it’s own downfall when it comes it this. 

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Another store closed

Phonics is closed.  The last place in Calgary that specialized in electronic vinyl.  It just closed its doors without notice, without warning.  Now the scene that had just begun to peek it’s head back out of the water is all wondering.  What do we do?  Where will we go?  Will another store open?  Or maybe Giant 45 will step up and take over just like Phonics did when Feroshus left town.  If no other store is willing to cater to the electronic DJs of Calgary, are we destined to have to get prepaid credit cards (as very few of us have good enough credit for real ones) and order our records online?

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Welcome to my new place.  A place for me to write stuff that other people can read.  A place for me to explain all the different things that I’ve thought about.  A place for me to talk out of my ass should by random whim it occur to me.  I’ve been posting on my msn blog for the past year (though I haven’t posted much and I hope to post more), though not many people have visited (as my friends are lazy bastards) I’ve decided to expand my potential fan base and step into the real world of blogging.  The plans I have for this blog range from specifics to generalities.  From interpretations of poetry and They Might Be Giants to sarcastic sideline jabs at the political world (both in terms of countries and in terms of companies).  From insights into technological breakthroughs and impacts to events that happen in the streets of Calgary.  This is my world.  Welcome.

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