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BluRay’s goin down

So the format war between HD DVD and Blu Ray might be decided already.  And who decided it you ask?  Why the porn industry of course!  Well Sony is really going to be the manufacturer of it’s own downfall when it comes it this. 

They’ve decided to cut the porn industry out of their camp, and as we’ve seen over the last couple of decades, the porn industry is what really brings new technology to the forefront in the entertainment industry.  The thing that I don’t get about this is that Sony’s already made this mistake before.  When VHS was battling it out with Sony’s Betamax, Sony decided that it wasn’t going to give liscences to the porn industry to mass produce Betamax videos.  Many people claim that it was the deciding factor on which technology people bought for their living rooms, and to an extent I’d agree.  There was also the fact that VHS had longer tapes, so even thought the beta tapes had a higher quality, VHS was able to give movie makers an opportunity to fit more video on a single tape.  This area I believe Sony has actually improved with Blu Ray.  Blu Ray has a slightly larger disc capacity than HD DVD, so filmakers will be able to store more information on a single disc.  But from what it looks like, more living rooms will contain HD DVD players than Blu Ray, so producers may quickly find that it’s not cost effective to produce their discs in the more expensive and difficult to use Blu Ray format.


January 24, 2007 - Posted by | Popular People, Technology

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