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Bob Battles Big Bad Business

Robert Santangelo is fighting back against record corporations.  Finally someone who is willing to show how the suing of your average Joe for downloading music is baseless and counter-productive.  I support Robert and his sister whole-heartedly.  Though I don’t think that it’s going to go anywhere.  He has a case when it comes to the fact that it was never really made clear by any companies that the downloading of music was illegal, and that just because the files were on his computer and the P2P software was on his computer, that doesn’t entail that he used the software to download and upload those files.

Patti Santangelo, Robert’s mother was sued by the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) for downloading and uploading 6 (yes six) files on the Kazaa network.  She claimed that she couldn’t have done this as she had no idea how to use a computer and a federal judge agreed.  So those oh so lovable corporations decided that they’d drop the case against her, only to take it up again against her children Robert (16) and Michelle (20) last November.  The RIAA claims that they have admissions of guilt from Michelle and one of Robert’s friends, but the Santangelo lawyer is disputing those claims.  When it comes down to it, provided it’s true that there was no actual statements that were made that would implicate Robert and Michelle, the record companies don’t really have any way of proving that the files were stolen and illegally copied without implicating themselves for hacking and breach of privacy.

 Go Bob go.  Band the forces of the internet together and by God let’s give em what for.


January 31, 2007 - Posted by | Popular People, Technology

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