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Speaking of Richard Gere and dead babies

I’m cheating today and copying a couple of posts from my old msn blog that are very important for everyone to know about…

Harper has AIDES

Well well, I turn on the news for 5 minutes and I find something that I just have to write about.  So apparently people were pissed that Stephen Harper didn’t show up for some AIDS convention.  They spent a good portion of their time bashing Harper instead of doing what they were supposed to be doing and raising awareness for AIDS.  So instead of hearing about how we’re working on a sloution and how we think we may be able to reach that solution, the people who showed up to the convention spent their time heckling the Canadian Health Minister and listening to Richard Gere talk about how Harper’s act of not showing up to the convention shows that he doesn’t care about AIDS.

So I’ve decided that on Monday August 14th I’m going to be holding a convention in my back yard (at 2636 37th St SW, Calgary, Alberta Canada) on behalf of People Against Baby Killers (or NAMBLA) and Mr. Richard Gere is officially invited to attend.  I’ll let him get in for free (though he may donate to the cause of raising awareness of baby killing if he wishes).  If Gere does not show up, then it’s proof that he supports baby killers and he shoud be castrated and forced to eat his own penis.

Richard Gere kills babies

So Richard Gere never showed up to my convention.  I take this as proof that he does not see baby killing as a bad thing.  Richard Gere supports baby killing and may even be a baby killer himself.


February 13, 2007 - Posted by | Generalities


  1. Are you sure that Richard Gere did get you invited. Did somebody come to your convention in your back yard.
    Send me you information and I might put on my page.

    Comment by samcarter | February 14, 2007

  2. No Richard Gere did not invite me to the AIDS conference (shows how much he even cares about THAT), and yes, the entire body of the People Against Baby Killers showed up to my conference that day. We all waited for Richard Gere to come but he did not. He didn’t even give us the courtesy of calling to say what so important to him that he put it above baby killing (as Harper told the AIDS people exactly what he was doing, the things that he was scheduled to do before he was invited tot eh AIDS conference).

    Comment by Taylor | February 14, 2007

  3. This lack of action on Richard Gere’s part clearly demonstrates his support of people who kill babies. I am appalled that such a seemingly distinguished “gentleman” is obviously a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Richard Gere must be brought to justice. I recommend swift action on this issue, in order to prevent Mr. Gere from any further baby killing and/or eating. Though babyflesh is reputed to be a tender delicacy, we simply cannot allow this inhuman behavior to continue. To arms!

    Comment by Wolfgar the Red | February 14, 2007

  4. I’m sure Mr Gere had more pressing things to do, not sure about the eating penis bit though.

    Comment by Daphne Jansen | March 23, 2007

  5. I have a hard time believing that Richard Gere is more pressed for time than the Prime Minister of Canada. I only expected of him what he expected of Stephen Harper. At least Stephen Harper sent the Minister of Health (who is probably a lot more qualified to speak on the issue than Mr. Harper is). Richard Gere made absolutely no effort to show that he disapproves of killing babies.

    Comment by Taylor | March 23, 2007

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