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A defence for Dane Cook

Seems as though lately there’s a mob growing who claim that Dane Cook steals material.  You can take a look at the so-called “damning evidence” here and decide for yourselves.  Personally I don’t see actual material that’s been stolen.  Yes there are asides that are similar while he discuses similar subject matter, but the subject matter itself is matter that is discussed across the board in comedy routines.  It looks to me like nitpicking.  Like saying that Dave Chappelle stole material from Richard Pryor by doing an imitation of a white man in a similar fashion.  It’s silly.  But the main argument against this mob is simple.  If this was actually the case, why hasn’t someone credible covered it?  Who do these bloggers think they are?  The speak as though their Internet-based research is just as reliable as someone interviewing each comedian (or, at the very least, each comedian’s publicist) and getting their points of view on the entire situation.

Basically I’m not gonna say that Dane Cook doesn’t steal material.  I don’t know the guy.  I don’t know how he works, how he writes, what his method is.  I know that he’s funny (and to all those who claim that his funniness is based on his goofy physical antics, fuck you.  I listened to his CDs before I saw his shows in many cases, besides, many comedians have that style, Jim Carrey, Robin Williams, Steve Martin, and those are just the big names.  It’s a style, not a crutch).  People say that he’s not as funny as the comedians he allegedly stole from, and I’d like to point out that they have no clue what they’re talking about.  They claim that he’s less funny as though that’s more than simply a personal opinion.  You can’t judge the intrinsic funniness of a comic cus we have absolutely no way of knowing what that value could possibly be.  So we gotta figure it out by how many people think that a comic is funny.  Judging by the ticket sales, CD sales, DVD sales, etc… I’d say that Dane Cook is making a lot more people laugh than the comedians who bash him.

But again, I don’t know.  I can’t tell whether or not Dane steals.  I base this statement on the fact that I know everything that all those other bloggers out there know, which is JACK SHIT.

Now I’m not going to post whole performances of Dane’s show on here as that would be stealing.  But if sites that do post that show get busted for copyright laws because too many people have gone there to see it.  Who am I to complain? 


February 14, 2007 - Posted by | Dane Cook, Generalities, Movies, Philosophy, Popular People

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