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Fable – The one that got away

In lilght of how many people are expecting Fallout 3 to turn out to be a huge dissapointment, I thought I’d just remind everyone what a huge dissapointment actually is.  I’m talking about Fable.  Probably the biggest dissapointment in roleplaying games that I’ve ever come across.  I started watching out for Fable back when it was called Project Ego.  Back when it was a gleam in the eyes of Lionhead’s Studios.  It was supposed to be open ended.  It was supposed to change your character drastically based on your actions.  It was supposed to revolutionalize console roleplaying games.  Then what happened.  After years and years of production the game comes out and what does it offer us?

 I spent about 10 hours on Fable my first time through.  Not only did I pass the game in that time, but I did every possible quest.  I owned almost every house in the game.  I’d collected all but one item.  I did everything that was possible to do.  In 10 hours.  Now that was a dissapointment.  Never before had I waited for for a game so long, and then spent so very little time actually playing it.  Whether you were good or bad, it didn’t matter.  Nothing really changed except for a few doors that you may or may not be able to get into, then if you wanted to get into those doors you could spend 15 minutes changing your alignment and *poof* no problem.  The character types were way off balance so that there was no point in being anything but an archer.  The only really good thing about the game was the ability to beat your wife, get a divorce, charge her some rent then evict her.

 Fable’s comin out with a sequel too.  Fable 2.  Who knows, maybe they learned from their mistakes and plan on putting at least 10 times more gameplay in it.  Adding a bunch of items and character attributes.  Putting in some of the stuff that was supposed to be in Fable, like having other heroes in the world completing quests so that you can’t do them anymore unless you get the quest before they do.  Having the character age organically instead of simply through chapters.  Or fixing any number of the problems that Fable never should have had.  Now here’s something where no one’s expecting much anymore, and Lionhead is going to have to do a pretty big job of advertising the game fixes if it expects to make any money.  At least we know that Fallout 3 is going to last longer than 10 hours.


March 5, 2007 - Posted by | Fallout, Games, Technology, Videogames

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