Kelgray and Beyond

int game_engine(void) {

A New Direction

Since I started working on getting a programming certificate I’ve discovered the joys that programming used to bring me.  So based on that, I’ve decided to start working on a game.  Nothing fancy, more to teach myself faster than the school can than anything, but at least it’s something.  The game I’m working on is the single player sister of the php Matt Jenkins and I put together a few years ago, completing all the actual programming before deciding to scrap the project.  It’s the Kelgray Arena.  Along with this decision I’ve decided to give this blog a little focus.  So soon this space shall transform into a place where I can post my progress while getting ideas from readers as to what directions I can take it in and what areas I need to research in order to reach my goal of one day producing cheap ass top down rpgs with tonnes of content that can be bought for $2 at videogame stores.  I’ll still be writing about news that I think people should know about, though it’ll probably be more specific to technical stuff, video games, and probably some philosophy.  But I’m planning on trying to keep my goal in sight so that I can actually reach it some day.

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