Kelgray and Beyond

int game_engine(void) {

A New Direction

Since I started working on getting a programming certificate I’ve discovered the joys that programming used to bring me.  So based on that, I’ve decided to start working on a game.  Nothing fancy, more to teach myself faster than the school can than anything, but at least it’s something.  The game I’m working on is the single player sister of the php Matt Jenkins and I put together a few years ago, completing all the actual programming before deciding to scrap the project.  It’s the Kelgray Arena.  Along with this decision I’ve decided to give this blog a little focus.  So soon this space shall transform into a place where I can post my progress while getting ideas from readers as to what directions I can take it in and what areas I need to research in order to reach my goal of one day producing cheap ass top down rpgs with tonnes of content that can be bought for $2 at videogame stores.  I’ll still be writing about news that I think people should know about, though it’ll probably be more specific to technical stuff, video games, and probably some philosophy.  But I’m planning on trying to keep my goal in sight so that I can actually reach it some day.

So in order to reach this goal I need to start from the beginning.  I’ve been here so many times before, but this time I got school keeping me on my toes, urging me to keep myself more knowledgeable than I’m supposed to be for the courses that I’m in.  So let’s start from the beginning then.  The first version of Kelgray Arena is going to be a text only, turn-based combat engine basically.  The player will be able to gain experience through fights, level up and improve his stats (which, for now will be very basic)  and will be able to choose enemies to fight and create new enemies which will generate random stats based on what level the user says the enemy should be.  There will be no top to the game.  Level 283094289842 will be a reachable goal if you really have that much spare time.  Because it’s a simple game and not meant to enthrall you, just meant to waste some time, higher levels will not be harder to reach than lower levels.

 This is what I’ve written for planning so far:

round 1
A game that will run turn based combat with different types of enemies based on stats and with exp.

Variables needed for both player files and enemy files:
Strength – damage
Endurance – health
Speed – quicker turns
Agility – more likely to hit
Dexterity – less likely to get hit

Levels are gained for every 100 exp points
Exp is decided based on character level vs opponent level

start of program

prompt to either create a new character or load a character
load character part already pretty much ready
create a character part,
get name, make sure it’s not already used
roll for stats and display them so the player can choose to keep them or not.
Keep rolling till player likes what he sees
save character

next prompt is to ask for an enemy.  Pulls list of created enemies from a file enemy.txt
which is appended each time a new enemy is added
player has the option to make a new enemy but typing in something that isn’t an option
prompt to make sure that was the right decision, else go back to menu
in making an enemy all that’s needed for input is level and comp will make an enemy at that level
presumably the player will be better than an enemy of the same level because the enemy does not get to reroll

now we have the battle screen, or lines rather
to begin we’ll only be able to attack and be attacked
but we can set it up so that different functions can be added here easily
so the two battle it out until one dies

if the player dies he’ll go back to the main menu and have to reload (which means save often)
if the player wins then he’ll go back to the enemy screen unless his exp has gone up enough to get the next level
Then we need a stat editing system so the player can decide which stats he wants to improve.

That plan is not quite done yet, but it’s pretty close.  If you read it you’ve seen that it’s pretty simple.  Yet hopefully it will eventually become part of an actual game engine.  Let me know what you think and if you have any cool yet somewhat simple ideas that I could implement in order to make the game larger and more in depth and, eventually, actually fun to play.


March 14, 2007 - Posted by | Computer Programming, Games, Generalities, Technology, Videogames


  1. Taylor, im not a microsoft fan, but neither do i yell out like the rest of the anti-MS fans and perhaps this may help

    Comment by Nirmal | March 15, 2007

  2. That’s a bit out of my scope at the moment. Right now I’m trying to learn about programming through making a game more than trying to make a game, but thatnks for the link, it will be useful in the future.

    Comment by Taylor | March 15, 2007

  3. I’ll play it, bring it on

    Comment by briosafreak | March 18, 2007

  4. Other problem with the XNA game stuff is that it’s much to do with 3D-rendering which is not at all what I want to do (unless, eventually, I have to, but if I get to that point as far as I’m concerned I’ve succeeded). For now I wanna make 2-D rpgs in a form that has almost been lost since the advent of 3D gaming. With deliberately placed engrish, cheesy in-game cutscenes, cute little furry things to help you on your journey. All very low-tech so as to add to the nostalgia factor. Who know, maybe I’ll be bale to make some money at it, but at the very least I’ll be able to provide some people with 30-50 or so hours of good old-fashioned entertainment. Work it episodically so updates (either cheap or free, depending on whether or not I can convince a store to carry my game) will further the story and give ya more hours of gameplay.

    Comment by Taylor | March 20, 2007

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