Kelgray and Beyond

int game_engine(void) {


I went to a pirate party last night. And that’s not to say that it was as cool as pirates are, it was a genuine party of pirates. Almost everyone came in at least some form of costume (and some spent a lot of time on theirs) and we all gathered at a small house about 30 blocks away from mine to be rowdy and rude and drink rum and yell “Arrr!” as often as possible. They had decorations and old shwashbuckler movies goin on in the background and a whole lot of people (by which, of course, I mean more than some by a bunch). I stayed pretty sober the whole night but it was wonderful fun nonetheless. Who’da thunk that the party would have a potential impact on my life goals and an almost definate impact on my game.

I met a guy there who works for HP doing hardware repairs and game research(which seems to simply mean finding out what games run on what kind of hardware).  I managed to have a good conversation with him and I’ve become much more optimistic about gaining a career in programming without having to get a Comp Sci degree.  It seems as though what’s really important is having a good resume on which I can put programs that I’ve made that other people have actually heard about and used.  Kinda like a band trying to get a record contract.  The main thing that they look for is a buzz.  They want people who can be recognized through their acheivements, be they scholastic or independant.

The affect that this has on what I’m reffering to at the  moment simply as Kelgray (which will be the main city in which the game takes place) is a wonderful idea that he told me about how to have an easier time dealing with the graphical side of the game.  I’m going to start using two languages.  The main code will still be in C/C++, but I’m going to call to Visual Basic functions to deal with the graphical part of the game.  He was pissed drunk when he talked about it (and we were at a party),  so we didn’t get into how the talking between languages is done, but I’ve done a small amount of research into dll files and it looks to be completely doable and, quite possibly, much simpler.

Luckily VB is what I studied when I took intro to programming at Mount Royal College all those years ago.  It was just an intro course, but I do remember thinking at the time about ways to handle the kind of movement that I want to have in my game.  It’ll take some brushing up on, but I picked it up pretty easily the first time (having already done some independant studying of C) so I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to bring my skills up to the necessary levels fairly quickly.

Geez.  From yelling “Drop him on his head!” steadily on friday night at Stampede Wrestling and yealling “ARR!” last night, my throats gettin pretty hoarse.


March 25, 2007 - Posted by | Beer, Calgary, Computer Programming, Games, Kelgray Arena, Language, programming, Stampede Wrestling, Technology, Videogames, Wrestling


  1. lol! just be sure the pirates dont pirate your game! btw i love this page-
    looks like i’ve been posting several links on your blog!

    Comment by Nirmal | March 25, 2007

  2. If my game is popular enough for me to be concerned about pirating, I’ll already have considered the project a huge success.

    And huzzah! Thanks.

    Comment by Taylor | March 25, 2007

  3. interesting! but i wonder if you’ll recognize a guy who gave you some good advise without the costume in case you guys bump into each other! but as long as even he deosn recognize you i guess its all well! haha!

    Comment by divyad | March 26, 2007

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