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int game_engine(void) {

Scratch That – Reverse It

Remember Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory?  Not the new-fangled Johnny Depp one which got pretty much everything right but the script, but the old one with Gene Wilder.  It’s a wonderful movie.  Gene Wilder’s comedy being a much more subtle brand made Wonka seem like a nice bloke at first, and when the creepiness came out it was almost surprising, yet it felt completely natural for his character.  My favorite bits are when the parents ask questions and Willy gives em flippant answers like “Are the oompa loompas going to rape my precious daughter?”  “I’m sorry ma’am but those questions will be feilded after the tour during a Q&A period.”  I’ll always remember how his eyes grow large as he says “The excitement is terrible!” When Augustus Gloop is being shot up the chocolate tube.

It’s with the spirit of haphazard creativity and fun ideas that I want to take with me as I go forward with my gameplan for my game design.  Starting almost immediately with having to scratch an idea, shove it in backwards, smash it with a rubber mallot until it fits, then move on to the next plan and try to make that one fit as well.  Basically what I’m talking about is the relationship bewteen VB, C++, and dlls.  Apparently VB isn’t the friendliest language when it comes to making dll files, and so instead I’m going to have the visual part of the engine be the startup part and then call C++ functions from the dll with Visual Basic.


March 27, 2007 - Posted by | Computer Programming, Games, Kelgray Arena, Language, Movies, Popular People, programming, Technology, Videogames

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