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I spent a few hours yesterday getting myself caught up on the wildly popular TV program Heroes.  I’d missed the last four episodes and was planning on waiting until the DVDs came out to watch any more, but the lack of things to do at my current place of employment, the fact that I had gone through every topic in the Fallout 3 forums, and my coworkers insistence on chatting (though to be fair, only slightly) about the latest episode made me seek out and watch the last few episodes.  After re-watching the last few episodes I became a bit more certain about a few things that I’d thought about earlier in the series, so I figured now I should write them out somewhere so that I can truly say “I told you so” if what I believe actually comes to pass.

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The Charactorial Theory of Roleplaying Games

Last time I started to talk about the Charactorial Theory o f Roleplaying Games, but I left the definition of what that is somewhat vague.  So now let’s explore it a bit further and see if we can make this work as a solution to the demarcation of roleplaying games.

 So the Characrtorial Theory of Roleplaying Games states that a game is a roleplaying game if and only if you are able to define your character through the game mechanics.  So let’s start by defining what’s meant by game mechanics.  If this term is used too loosely then any game that allows you to enter a description about your character would be included, so we have to be a bit more specific and say that it is the in-game mechanics that matter.  That is to say the part of the game where you actually consider yourself to be playing, rather than the part where you are setting yourself up, getting ready to play.  So the actual character creation part of any game would be excluded in the Charactorial theory of roleplaying games.  Which would mean that according to this theory, it wouldn’t matter what “class” of character you are, be it mage, thief, warrior, etc.  The game mechanics that are set up because of the character creation, therefore, also wouldn’t matter, as we would say that you would simply be playing a different version of the game.  Basically, if your character relies on the game mechanics for his/her definition, then the game mechanics cannot rely on your character for theirs.  One or the other has to come first, and so we’re saying that the game mechanics must come first and the character be made out of them. Continue reading

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Philosophy of Video Games

Or more accurately, the philosophy of RPG video games.  After spending a small amount of time in Bethesda’s Fallout 3 forums I found a point where two of my passions meet.  Philosophy and videogames. I wanna try to demarcate an RPG and a non-RPG.  Now we could start here with a history of videogames and the RPG genre, but instead let’s start at the present.  Games as they are now.  What makes a game a roleplaying game?

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And We’re Back

I just realised that the last post I made before taking my little hiatus was about online gaming which must have made me seem like much more of an uber-nerd than I actually am.  I feel the need to state now for the record that my lack in posting new and wonderful news about the universe of Taylor was not due to the fact that I was playing a game with friends while chatting on teamspeak (though that did happen once or twice).  The truth is, I lost my job and therefore lost the time that I normally post.  Fortunately I have a new job now at which I have access to el interneto and so I’m back posting.  So, time for a summary of what I feel is important.

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Back In The Den Of Evil

I finally done it.  After years of abstaining I’ve finally gone back to playing a MMORPG.  I’m back on Star Wars Galaxies and I’m impressed.  They’ve done so much with it, the only thing they’re missing now is people.  The marketing wizards at WoW took so many people from SWG that they left the planets barren and abandoned.  It’s a problem that could be easily solved if it weren’t such a good game.  One of the coolest parts of SWG is how player-driven it is.  The best weapons and items and buffs and drugs and food are all player made.  So the economy is completely player driven.  They bring in quests that let people make more money and the prices of things will drive itself up as players realize that there’s more money to be passed around.  As part of the player-driven game-play there are player made cities.  That’s where the problem comes in.

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