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Back In The Den Of Evil

I finally done it.  After years of abstaining I’ve finally gone back to playing a MMORPG.  I’m back on Star Wars Galaxies and I’m impressed.  They’ve done so much with it, the only thing they’re missing now is people.  The marketing wizards at WoW took so many people from SWG that they left the planets barren and abandoned.  It’s a problem that could be easily solved if it weren’t such a good game.  One of the coolest parts of SWG is how player-driven it is.  The best weapons and items and buffs and drugs and food are all player made.  So the economy is completely player driven.  They bring in quests that let people make more money and the prices of things will drive itself up as players realize that there’s more money to be passed around.  As part of the player-driven game-play there are player made cities.  That’s where the problem comes in.

The problem of SWG being generally desolate could be solved easily if they could just merge the servers, but unfortunately they can’t because the player-cities would overlap or be placed too close together and there would be too many of them.  So in order to bolster the community they’re going to have to take away some of what many people love about their characters.  Knowing the folks that work on the game I’m sure that they’ll be able to come up with something that will offset the houses destroyed and will placate the population.  But they’re still going to have to make many people let go of things that they spent a whole lot of time on.  Not only in gaining the materials and items, but in decorating their abodes and shops.

In any case, SWG has still impressed me with their new barrage of content and quests.  So much that I wanted when I played it years ago is now there as though they were listening to the conversations of me and my friends (or, more likely, took the logical steps in continuing to release content for the game).  So now we can see how much being back on a MMORPG is going to lessen the activities in the rest of my life.  I just received word that I got an A+ in my “how to use a computer course” that was cleverly disguised as “intro to programming in C”, and I’ve been studying mostly C while working for TELUS (cus they give me wonderful company-aid-for e.learning courses on just about anything) and am going to start the C++ courses soon, so we’ll see how that goes.  Hopefully game development will start soon.


April 3, 2007 - Posted by | Computer Programming, Games, programming, Star Wars, Star Wars Galaxies, Technology, Videogames

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