Kelgray and Beyond

int game_engine(void) {

And We’re Back

I just realised that the last post I made before taking my little hiatus was about online gaming which must have made me seem like much more of an uber-nerd than I actually am.  I feel the need to state now for the record that my lack in posting new and wonderful news about the universe of Taylor was not due to the fact that I was playing a game with friends while chatting on teamspeak (though that did happen once or twice).  The truth is, I lost my job and therefore lost the time that I normally post.  Fortunately I have a new job now at which I have access to el interneto and so I’m back posting.  So, time for a summary of what I feel is important.

There’s finally a Fallout 3 website up.  Now all we need is some info about the game.  I spent a bit of time looking around the forums and making a post or two trying to make the case that Real-Time does not equal twitch (though that argument is sure to be meaningless by now as the development of the game is sure to be past that point).  It’s frustrating to see what I can only figure is fear-based retaining of knowledge.

In more personal news I’ve done a small amount of work on my text-based version of Kelgray Arena.  The creating and loading character and enemy files is working, and I figured out the algorithm for dynamically creating enemies (it’s nice how good it feels to figure out even the easiest problems).  Decided that a player will get ten stat points and then 4 for each level.  Next up is figuring the actual battle programming.

That’s a brief update.  I’ll be making a couple more specific posts soon.


April 20, 2007 - Posted by | Computer Programming, Fallout, Games, Generalities, Kelgray Arena, Logic, programming, Videogames

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