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I spent a few hours yesterday getting myself caught up on the wildly popular TV program Heroes.  I’d missed the last four episodes and was planning on waiting until the DVDs came out to watch any more, but the lack of things to do at my current place of employment, the fact that I had gone through every topic in the Fallout 3 forums, and my coworkers insistence on chatting (though to be fair, only slightly) about the latest episode made me seek out and watch the last few episodes.  After re-watching the last few episodes I became a bit more certain about a few things that I’d thought about earlier in the series, so I figured now I should write them out somewhere so that I can truly say “I told you so” if what I believe actually comes to pass.

So to start off I guess i should say what kinds of spoilers I’m gonna talk about.  I think that my predictions don’t really spoil anything specific other than basic information about the show, and so I’ll try to be general enough to leave out any spoilers.

Having that said, let’s start it out with Time Travel.  One thing that I’ve yet to talk about in my blog is my theory of time travel (Taylor’s Theory of Time Travel, or T4).  My theory is a way to solve temporal paradoxes while still letting you go back in time and, say, kill yourself.  If you killed yourself then it would actually be a different you that you are killing because the time of the universe that you are in would have changed (not be a separate timeline but rather the next step for the timeline that you are in).  It’s all very complicated and I’m still trying to figure out whether or not it works, but in any case if any show talks about time travel, my theory is the reason that I pay a lot of attention to that show.

Now it’d be nice if I could say that Heroes made use of my theory of time travel.  No one else seems to.  However, they’ve gone with something a little more dramatic, but (in my opinion) a little less believable.  Now this is where my prediction starts.  I think that they use the Bill and Ted theory of time travel.  That is to say that everything that has/will happen has already been set in stone.  This would mean that if you see something in the future, then there’s no escaping it.  That would mean that (spoiler from episode 2 comin up, but I think that that’s only fair) when Hiro sees New York blow up, and Isaac paints the explosion, those are things that’s something that is going to happen.  There’s no escaping it.  (Near spoiler coming up but nothing specific) Because of the various moral flip floppers in the series, it seems as though it’s going to be orchestrated and so New York will be warned and evacuated before the bomb goes off.

The whole series they’ve been relating stopping the bomb to saving the world.  I thought before (and after the last episode think for certain) that New York is much smaller than the world.  So perhaps in order to save the world, they need to set off the bomb.  In any case the end is nigh so we’ll find out soon.


April 27, 2007 - Posted by | Heroes, Television, TV

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