Kelgray and Beyond

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I went to a pirate party last night. And that’s not to say that it was as cool as pirates are, it was a genuine party of pirates. Almost everyone came in at least some form of costume (and some spent a lot of time on theirs) and we all gathered at a small house about 30 blocks away from mine to be rowdy and rude and drink rum and yell “Arrr!” as often as possible. They had decorations and old shwashbuckler movies goin on in the background and a whole lot of people (by which, of course, I mean more than some by a bunch). I stayed pretty sober the whole night but it was wonderful fun nonetheless. Who’da thunk that the party would have a potential impact on my life goals and an almost definate impact on my game.

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I spent St. Patty’s Day with Epoc

It was at a small party of just about 12 people or so.  Epoc showed up with a girlie from back in the day.  I didn’t talk to him much as I don’t really know the guy, but I know of him in many ways.  When I first learned of Epoc it was when he was running, the site that fuelled the rave scene for the few years that it was running.  He was one of two local DJs who would always be able to get more people dancing than any headliners that they could bring in.  Him and DJ Double D.  He was somewhat of an icon of Calgary’s rave community.  But that’s not the only way that I knew of him.

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Another store closed

Phonics is closed.  The last place in Calgary that specialized in electronic vinyl.  It just closed its doors without notice, without warning.  Now the scene that had just begun to peek it’s head back out of the water is all wondering.  What do we do?  Where will we go?  Will another store open?  Or maybe Giant 45 will step up and take over just like Phonics did when Feroshus left town.  If no other store is willing to cater to the electronic DJs of Calgary, are we destined to have to get prepaid credit cards (as very few of us have good enough credit for real ones) and order our records online?

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