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A Dancing Dream

Last night I dreamt that I was putting on a show.  But that’s too far ahead.  Let’s start from the beginning.  It started where I was driving people around to different locations so that they could hang out with my friends.  People who I’d recently met (none of whom I recognise from real life) who said that they wanted to hang out with me.  I drove them to where my friends and I were partying but as soon as we got there I had to go grab someone else.  This happened over the course of several events and when I eventually asked one girl if she would hang out with me instead of going off to hang out with one of my friends she got offended and basically told me that I was out of line. 

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Childhood Dreams

This weekend I watched Superman III for the first time in years.  The movie was completely different.  Firstly from a respect that I have for Richard Pryor that I never had as a child.  Also the understanding that I have for technology now that made the first part of the movie make a lot more sense.  But there was something else about it that made a large part of my childhood suddenly make a whole lot more sense.  I used to have a reccuring dream where my sister and I were cliff diving.  We would jump off an incredibly high cliff into a crystal clear body of water.  Now I’m usually pretty good at interpreting my own dreams and figuring out where the images in them come from, but this image always escaped my grasp.  This weekend I found out that it was because when the image first entered into my mind I was too young to make the connection that the cliff and the water came from Superman III.  The bad guys are ballooning down the grand canyon when it has a nice crane shot which goes down from the top of the cliff and then swings slightly to the side just for a second which gives you the sensation of free-falling.

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