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The bastard and his dog

I’m talking about Peter Molyneux, creator of Black and White and Fable.  If you read my last post about Fable you’d have seen that I’m not expecting much from Fable 2, but unlike the fellows over at Bethesda, Molyneux is a wonderful talker and promoter.  He’s quite possibly the greatest politician of video games.  Keeping people from trying to figure out secrets by giving them small amounts of information bit by bit.  If Bethesda had someone like Molyneux on their side they wouldn’t have nearly so many problems.

The information that I’m talking about is the dog that has been incorporated into Fable 2.  Molyneux is determined to not only make a virtual companion that isn’t annoying, but one that the player will actually care about.  I didn’t even hear his silver tounge myself when he talked about it at the GDC, I’ve only read reports, but I still think he can do it.  I may regret it, but at this point it’s startin to seem like Fable 2 is going to take some of my money away.


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