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Scratch That – Reverse It

Remember Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory?  Not the new-fangled Johnny Depp one which got pretty much everything right but the script, but the old one with Gene Wilder.  It’s a wonderful movie.  Gene Wilder’s comedy being a much more subtle brand made Wonka seem like a nice bloke at first, and when the creepiness came out it was almost surprising, yet it felt completely natural for his character.  My favorite bits are when the parents ask questions and Willy gives em flippant answers like “Are the oompa loompas going to rape my precious daughter?”  “I’m sorry ma’am but those questions will be feilded after the tour during a Q&A period.”  I’ll always remember how his eyes grow large as he says “The excitement is terrible!” When Augustus Gloop is being shot up the chocolate tube.

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A defence for Dane Cook

Seems as though lately there’s a mob growing who claim that Dane Cook steals material.  You can take a look at the so-called “damning evidence” here and decide for yourselves.  Personally I don’t see actual material that’s been stolen.  Yes there are asides that are similar while he discuses similar subject matter, but the subject matter itself is matter that is discussed across the board in comedy routines.  It looks to me like nitpicking.  Like saying that Dave Chappelle stole material from Richard Pryor by doing an imitation of a white man in a similar fashion.  It’s silly.  But the main argument against this mob is simple.  If this was actually the case, why hasn’t someone credible covered it?  Who do these bloggers think they are?  The speak as though their Internet-based research is just as reliable as someone interviewing each comedian (or, at the very least, each comedian’s publicist) and getting their points of view on the entire situation.

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Movie Time

So I was reading Kevin Smith’s blog, and I saw that he’d done a list of his top ten movies that have come out over the past year.  Since I have absolutely no originality of my own I thought I’d steal this idea and do my own list.  Now the problem was that I’ve seen a total of 15 movies that came out over the past year, which isn’t much compared to Kevin Smith’s 85.  I gathered two things from this information.  The first is that as an avid movie watcher I should really try to make a point of seeing more new movies.  The second is that doing a top ten list would only serve to show my bottom five, and since I enjoy describing what exactly I did not like about a movie, I figured hell, why not just do a top fifteen list.  So here are my top fifteen movies out of the fifteen movies that I’ve seen that have come out over the past year starting with the best:

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Childhood Dreams

This weekend I watched Superman III for the first time in years.  The movie was completely different.  Firstly from a respect that I have for Richard Pryor that I never had as a child.  Also the understanding that I have for technology now that made the first part of the movie make a lot more sense.  But there was something else about it that made a large part of my childhood suddenly make a whole lot more sense.  I used to have a reccuring dream where my sister and I were cliff diving.  We would jump off an incredibly high cliff into a crystal clear body of water.  Now I’m usually pretty good at interpreting my own dreams and figuring out where the images in them come from, but this image always escaped my grasp.  This weekend I found out that it was because when the image first entered into my mind I was too young to make the connection that the cliff and the water came from Superman III.  The bad guys are ballooning down the grand canyon when it has a nice crane shot which goes down from the top of the cliff and then swings slightly to the side just for a second which gives you the sensation of free-falling.

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